With March Madness underway to determine the best college basketball program, Sneaker News is having some fun around the theme with a tournament of their own. The premise of their tourney: to find out the best Nike LeBron sneaker. The 32-sneaker bracket is made up of the best LeBron sneakers from his entire career, from the Nike Air Zoom Generation "First Game" all the way to the LeBron XI "Gator King" from this year's All-Star game.

Voting for Round 1 has already started this week and closes on Sunday, so be sure to get those votes in on the Sneaker News website. Our prediction for the Final Four: "King's Pride" XI, "South Beach" VIII, "All-Star" VII, and the "Championship" XI Low. In the final round, the South Beach" VIII will triumph over the "King's Pride" XI to be the champion.

[Via Sneaker News]