Back in the day we brought you a tease of a collection that Stash was putting together with Reebok. And by "collection" we mean c o l l e c t i o n. This thing is 10 shoes wide. Red and blue camos cover a swath of styles from the Insta Pump Fury to the Omni Lite Pump and everything in between.

A stateside release for any of these shoes has yet to be announced, but if you missed any of the coveted pairs from today and your money is burning a hole in your pocket, you can cop the blue Stash x Reeboks from Atmos in Japan.

All five shoes are dominated by a blue and grey tiger camo on heavy duty canvas and tempered by stone grey detailing and a light grey midsole. The pairs that have laces are tonal, and the one that doesn’t – the Insta Pump Fury – is covered in tonal neoprene. Every pair has it’s pump to keep the fit true.

When these come to the US, and are joined by their red compatriots, we’ll let you know.

(If the UK is a little closer to you, End Clothing has two of the styles.)

[via Atmos]