Favorite Model: Air Max 93
: Complex Sneakers
Twitter: @matthewjwelty

The Air Max 93 is an under-appreciated sneaker. Up until last year, no one had cared about the silhouette in, what felt like, forever. It had re-released in 2005 as part of the History of Air pack—celebrating Nike's touchstone Air Max models—and sat on shelves. And that's where I found it at George and Phillips, a former Nike outlet in Exeter, N.H., in 2006 for $60. I wear Air Max 1s a lot more than Air Max 93s. (I still only own the first pair that I purchased). But when size? decided to bring back the model late last year, it felt like my appreciation for runners had come full circle. Other heads would be slipping their feet into the bootie-uppered runner. And with the rising popularity of jogger pants, slim sweats, and better-cut denim, people wouldn't look foolish wearing these with jeans. My pair, sadly, is cooked. The mesh toebox is covered with grass stains from a microburst that ravaged my friend's neighborhood that same summer. But if I can come across pair for a reasonable price, there will be a second (or third) pair added to my collection.