Have you ever wondered what goes into the mega-contracts between schools and sports outfitters such as Nike, adidas and Under Armour ? The Portland Business Journal researched this question and the findings are quite interesting. For instance, the University of Oklahoma is required to put the Nike swoosh logo on the team's equipment truck.

The University of Michigan's contract with adidas to outfit the Wolverines' sports teams is the largest pact of the schools researched. The university receives $4.4 million in equipment and apparel and another $3.8 million in cash annually from adidas. Not all schools ask for cash in return from the footwear companies, however. The Oregon State Beavers entire contract is payable in merchandise and apparel. While large conference schools receive free merchandise and apparel as part of their deals with the companies, many mid-major conference schools still have to purchase their most of their equipment and apparel.

The report also found that Under Armour and adidas tend to pay more to schools to be their official outfitter than Nike does. For example, UCLA gets $7.5 million in cash and apparel from Nike as opposed to the $2.8 million that Oregon receives from Nike.

Head over to the Portland Business Journal to find out more interesting facts and check out the database of schools' contracts.

[Portland Business Journal]

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