With Movescount, Suunto has introduced an all-new sports community app and social network where you can track your own progress and goals while comparing it to others for motivation and friendly competition.

Getting started is easy, as all you have to do is sign up at Movescount.com. From there you can download the free Movescount software and you are ready to go. You can track your Movescount account using various Suunto devices, compatible mobile apps or even just a pen and paper.

Using the tools provided by Movescount, users can get the overall progress of what they have done during the last few weeks or months, while planning out your next moves and training programs. In addition to a tracker and planner, Movescount also serves as a social network where you can share your moves with like-minded friends.

Head over to Movescount.com for more information and sign up to get started.


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