With 300: Rise of An Empire out in theaters, star Callan Mulvey sat down with AskMen to talk about how he became cartoonishly buff for his role as Scyllias.

For anyone wanting to look like a character out of 300, Mulvey says that the formula is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. Whenever Mulvey has to add muscle for a role he avoids sugar and loads up on protein and vegetables. Prior shooting the movie, he followed a strict diet of t of red meat, fish and chicken, with bell peppers or green beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When it comes to hitting the gym, Mulvey trains five to six days a week, targeting a new area each day. According to Mulvey, key is heavy weights with low reps. The star also stressed the importance of warming up properly before a workout and using the correct form during.

To read the rest of the interview, head over to askmen.com.


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