Nike CEO Mark Parker is in the driver's seat of one of the most iconic consumer-facing brands. From product to innovation, research, and marketing, the Swoosh has developed a winning formula that has allowed them to be the leading sportswear company. And it's that same formula for success that has even put Nike's performance-driven footwear on the radar of high-end designers.

With the recent infatuation of sneakers in the luxury fashion category, The Telegraph had the opportunity to catch up with Parker in Barcelona where he was unveiling Nike's new Magista football boot. Parker discusses Nike's design strategy and even offers his thoughts regarding the high adoption of Nike's footwear in the world of luxury fashion.

Interestingly enough, during the interview, Parker might have also suggested that his favorite Nike sneaker is the Roshe Run. Appropriately wearing his Roshes, Parker responded to the question regarding what his "desert island Nike shoe" would be with, "The one I'm wearing right here, called the Roshe: immensely comfortable, very simple, clean design. I would wear black." Considering how comfortable Roshes are and how wildly popular they've become in the last two years, are you really that surprised?

[Via The Telegraph]