Innovation is a word that's often thrown out there when talking about the sneaker community. Developing the latest and greatest technologies to keep you at the forefront and ahead of competitors is a major thought for every brand. Filaflex took it one step further, by experimenting with another top topic these days, 3-D printing. The idea of 3-D printing has been around since 1980's but hasn't fully reached it's potential until the last few years where it's made it's way to the mainstream.

Filaflex is an elastic filament used in 3-D printing, and was recently applied to footwear to develop the two models below. As the picture's show, the sneakers seem to be awfully flexible, but not very functional as the design isn't very formfitting whatsoever, and somewhat resembles a space boot.

Obviously this was just a trial run for Filaflex, so design will grow with time, but it brings interesting questions to the table. How soon will be see 3-D printed shoes for sale? How complex can the designs get? Will big box brands experiment and develop their own line of 3-D printed sneakers? Only time will tell but it seems as if the possibilities are endless.


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