When she's not winning Olympic gold medals (four, to be exact) in track events, Allyson Felix is shutting down the sneaker game. Felix—who decided to sign a contract with adidas in 2003 instead of go to college—is a huge sneakerhead, and we're not just referring to the running sneakers that she trains in.

Now a Nike athlete, Felix's collection goes far beyond average sneakers that are seeded. She has O.G.s from her youth and exclusives that even Nike athletes would need a special connect to get.

For starters, she has Nike Air Zoom Generations - LeBron's first sneaker that released in 2003 and has yet to be retroed.

She rocks her "Js on the PJ." Yes, those are Grape Vs on a private jet. The Fresh Prince would be proud.

She held onto her "Mint Green" Air Jordan Xs that released in 2005, and they're super crispy.

Those Air Jordan XVs that you slept on? She has those, too.

She's casually rocking the black/red Air Jordan 1s that keep haunting you.

Same thing with the black/red Air Jordan XIs.

Remember those "USC" Kobe VIs? She wears them to rep her hometown.

As everyone was getting their Gloves last year, Felix also got them. But she held onto her O.G. pair, too.

 Try your hardest to not get mad about these ParaNorman Foamposites.

To top everything off, you ain't got no Yeezys, but Felix does.