Alchemist and Evidence, of Dialated Peoples, sat down with Sneaker Watch to discuss everyone's "favorite" shoe of the year, Yeezy colorways, and to share their thoughts on Kanye's deal with Nike. 

The interview, which seems to have taken place prior to the release, catches the all-star hip-hop duo chilling on the couch sharing their honest feelings about pretty much all things Yeezy. While Alchemist did most of the speaking, it was Evidence who chimed in with the most "controversial" comment when he stated, "The Yeezys are ugly, them shits are couldn't pay me to wear that shit." Having worked with Kanye in the past, it was surprising to hear, but you respect a man who keeps it real. Peep the video and let us know if you agree or disagree with Alchemist and Evidence's opinions.