Late last year a pair of signed Air Jordans sold for $104k. An intrepid eBayer is hoping lightning strikes twice. Or really, just once. Either way, he wants a lot of money.

Tmac1201412, from the great state of Arkansas, has put up his pair of OG Jordan 1s from 1985. And they happen to be signed by Michael Jordan himself. Don’t believe it? There’s even a certificate of authenticity (it’s notarized!).

The seller is clear:  “this is actually a steal..” But encourages you to make an offer anyway. Just make sure it’s better than the eight he’s already rejected. If you do make a good offer that the seller accepts, don’t forget to factor in that shipping. It’s not included.

If you’re hoping to buy these to rock on the weekends, you’ve better have some pretty small feet. According to the listing, they’re a Men’s size 4. We’re not saying that these will hold up to game play – they’re almost 30 years old – but it would be an exciting experiment. You might even learn something. Click here to check it out.