Nestled inside the world famous Macy's at Herald Square, New York City lies a store that most U.S. sneakerheads are familiar with. With Macy's as an official retail partner, Finish Line has set up shop inside this historical shopping landmark giving fashionistas and shoe nerds another outlet to pick up their favorite kicks.

Firstly, there isn't just one Finish Line here, there's actually two locations within Macy's famous walls, a men's and women's shop. The men's shop is located on the third floor and carries all the product you've come to expect from the Indianapolis based chain including Made in USA New Balance models and the latest from Nike, adidas, Asics, and others.

The women's store, located on the second floor, boasts an impressive digital wall that is currently displaying the Flyknit Nike Air Max campaign. Just like the men's shop, women have a plethora of sport and lifestyle options to choose from.

When shoppers think about Macy's, Herald Square, they think about all the great fashion labels at their disposable. Now, you might have to add sneaker mecca to that list as well.

Men's shop

Women's shop

[via: Finish Line]