How often does a person go into a shoe store and not know what size their feet are? You probably are thinking not many right? Don't be so sure. Only 10% of people out there know what shoe size they actually wear. Leaving the other 90% taking to rulers or all out guessing when they walk into a sneaker store.

Solemate inventor Stephanie Payne aims to make this process of foot measurement all digital. With online footwear sales reaching the billions mark, and 90% of people guessing what size their feet are, this idea sounds a lot more practical after all. Solemate is combined with a common bathroom weight scale for at home convenience, and will translate your shoe size in US and UK sizing.

As a Napkin Sketch Contest Finalist with The Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, Solemate needs to raise a goal of $7,500 by March 10, 2014 to move on.

Find out more about Solemate and donate to the cause at

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