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Not everyone's body is the same, so why should everyone use the same foam roller?

The Enso muscle roller by EvoFit solves this problem by using adjustable discs to pinpoint troublesome spots to avoid putting pressure on areas that don't need it. Whether you are warming up or cooling down, we found that the Enso is the perfect workout tool to adapt to your own body's needs.

We played around with the Enso and found it both useful and easy to use. Athletes can adjust the intensity of their muscle massage by adding and subtracting the number of discs on the enso. For a more aggressive massage, we used less discs. For a less intense massage, we used more discs. Simple right? The best gear often is.

It's versatile too, as we used it for hips, backs, legs, quads, calves and the IT band. The goal of the Enso is to rejuvenate muscles by releasing toxins and flushing waste from muscle tissue to allow oxygenated blood to flow into congested areas. Sounds well worth the $89 price tag.


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