Luckily for us, New Balance continues its reach back into the archives. The most recent reboot is of the New Balance 850, a style we haven’t seen in five years. Definitely leaning more in the tech direction, the runners are constructed mostly of leather and mesh, with details of 3M in choice placement and a textured panel across the quarter. The group of three colorways gives a wide style range, offering something to fit into anyone’s collection.

In the intervening years since we’ve seen the 850 last, New Balance has gone hard into pushing forward more user friendly models like the 574998,  9991500 ,and 1600.  We would love to see New Balance do more work with the 850. It’s an underused shoe that has an incredible amount of potential. It certainly has its detractors owed to its more traditionally slim shape (much like the 420), and irregular and swooping panels. But that C-CAP sole and cascade through the upper is killer. It’s worth a second, and then a third look.

If you need these, and you do, give Feature Sneaker Boutique a call, or check your favorite local NB carrying retail stop.


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