Celebrity sneaker endorsements are nothing new. Whether it’s a famous athlete or rapper, sneaker companies have been embracing these partnerships since Run-DMC first signed with adidas.

But how do companies figure out exactly who to turn to? Market research company Q Scores is an industry leader for spokesperson analysis. So before a brand considers offering that big contract to a celebrity, they check Q Scores’ stats first.

The company gathers its data by using national surveys to measure how much of the general public recognizes a celebrity, as well as how positively people view a potential spokesperson. For example, Roger Federer has a 38 percent awareness, which means 38 percent of the general population would recognize the tennis player walking down the street.

We ran some of the sneaker community’s most notable names through Q Scores’ database to see how they stacked up. Here is a ranking of The Most Recognizable Sneaker Personalities Right Now.

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