Role: Founder/owner of KITH, designer 

When it comes to collaborations, it's feasible that no one is able to draw more hype than Ronnie Fieg. He's nearly single-handedly responsible for the revitalization of ASICS, and even launched a Paris pop-up around a Puma sneaker. Kids had never lined up for these brands before Fieg put his touch to their silhouettes and made them new for a group of consumers that had never looked twice at early-'90s running sneakers. But instead of being content, Fieg continues to make moves. His retail operation, Kith, has become notorious for carrying sneakers that are hard to find in the States and has become the go-to shop in NYC for limited collaborations. The most impressive thing about Fieg is how quick his sneakers disappear. His collaboration with New Balance on the "Daytona" 1600s was the best release of Black Friday 2013, and he was able to, almost silently, drop a New Balance 577 on Cyber Monday, which also sold out within the blink of an eye. Fieg continues to prove to people that he can do whatever he wants in the sneaker industry and make it cool. He's actually convincing brands to re-release models that they wouldn't otherwise, and as long as he's mocking up his infamous color schemes, heads are going to be lining up for his sneakers.