Two pairs of Insta Pump Furys popped up out of nowhere yesterday as part of Reebok's latest collaboration with Frank the Butcher.  Instead of just instantly throwing the sneakers up on the blog, we reached out to Frank and got an in-depth insight into why he chose to make a pack of similar shoes. And the story is a lot deeper than one would expect a sneaker collaboration to be.

"One of the things I hear most from retailers is that they wish my Reebok projects were available in women's sizes," he told us. "Historically - most special and limited edition shoe projects are made for men. When they are made for women, they come off as delicate and feminine. Sometimes girls just want what's available for men in a flipped color."

That's not the only reason, however, he decided to go into this project: He wanted to do something for his daughter. "I took this opportunity to get my daughter involved, who is extremely creative, and put together a set of shoes that both men and women would wear. Either colorway."

The sneakers release tomorrow, and will be available from stores such as Hanon. If you're a woman with a bigger foot or just someone looking for a pink sneaker - or not a pink sneaker at all - this pack addresses your needs. It also makes the struggle of the female sneakerhead a little less bleak.

All photos by Liz Barclay