Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer is at the height of its popularity across the US at the moment. With new venues popping up all over the place, players of all levels are finding it easier to jump in a small sided game and get a fast paced workout in. Plus, the current weather pattern has left many players with no other option than to find an indoor facility.

In order to make the most of indoor play, you need be sure you are wearing the right equipment. Without footwear that suits harder courts, it makes it tougher to be in control as you chop and change directions at pace, something that is a major part of indoor games.

With an increasingly dynamic and ever changing market, we evaluate the current releases and bring you our list of the current best performing indoor soccer shoes.

Bryan Byrne is the founder of SoccerCleats101. Got a question about boots? Hit up Bryan on Twitter.

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Joma Top Flex
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 10 - Joma Top Flex

Weight: 9.4oz
Price: $75

Visually, the Joma Top Flex looks like a full bodied indoor boot. In-hand, they appear pretty much the same way, but on foot they provide the completely opposite type of performance. In fact, they are one of the top in-sync feeling boots you will find. You get a really snug fit right across the forefoot, a very durable upper, a solid strikezone that offers great feel while shooting, and a soleplate that sticks when you need it to. In fact, traction is really where this boot excels and if you wear them you will notice the stop and go benefits they have to offer. The negative and why they don’t sit higher on the list is down to the fact they offer pretty poor touch on the ball, in other words the upper is so well built you don’t have that natural initial contact.

Indoor Pele Radium
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 9 - Pele Radium IN

Weight: 10.8oz
Price: $99

With so many new releases heading toward lighter materials and more compact designs, the Pele Radium goes right against the norm. Although they have been on the market a few years, these boots have continued to find a niche market with fans who want a solid, durable performer. The boot is well padded throughout and the off-centered lacing provides players with a large and very clean strikezone. And for the seasoned indoor player, Pele Sports provided a more elevated toe punt zone that comes in very useless as you look to stretch and nick a shot toward goal. Even with their higher than average weight point, they are still a very flexible shoe that should be considered by all levels of indoor players.

Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 8 - Nike Tiempo Legacy IC

Weight: 9.2oz
Price: $100

On the list, the Tiempo Legacy IC is the newest release and they have already made a positive statement on the market. Not only do they have an absolutely slick and modern visual appearance, but they also perform extremely effectively on indoor surfaces. Nike uses a waterproof calf-skin upper and a suede toe-cap that offer players the right balance of touch and control in quick paced games. The cross stitching on the upper also plays a valuable role. When it comes to first touch and striking a quick shot on frame, the padded region offers players a clean level of performance. They are not the top Nike boot on the list, but they do offer more traditional players a modern option.

Puma Momentta Indoor
Image via WeGotSoccer

No. 7 - Puma Momentta IT

Weight: 9.2oz
Price: $80

Puma don’t necessarily have a high profile indoor reputation for a top outdoor brand. But, the introduction of the Momentta deserves recognition as they deliver a high level of overall performance. It all starts with full-grain leather upper and some traditional front level stitching. On the ball, they offer solid touch and a little extra control as you look to move forward with pace. Visually they are very traditional and players can feel confident wearing a reputable brand. In terms of traction, there is nothing out of the ordinary with the outsole, although Puma does implement several different textured regions. For Puma fans, this is the indoor boot that you want to place top of your list!

Futsal - adidas Mundial Goal
Image via

No. 6 - Adidas Mundial Goal IN

Weight: 12oz
Price: $95

Probably the most iconic boot on the list, the Mundial Goal is a classic shoe with a lot of tradition. In fact, these are actually known as the Copa Mundial of the indoor world. They feature smooth ULT-K leather upper for a glove-like fit and a split-suede abrasion patch for durability and support. Yes, these are definitely built to be durable and you just need to look at the 12oz weight to confirm that. A must for players who want to simply enjoy the game, no matter what the pace!

Joma Super Regate
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 5 - Joma Super Regate Indoor

Weight: 8.6oz
Price: $75

The real flash to the Super Regate is Joma’s use of Salatech, their innovative combo of mesh and a rubber overlay across the forefoot for unrivaled breathability and ball control. In terms of visuals, it greats a pretty unique design that looks very modern and advanced compared to some other releases. For all you free-footballers out there, this is a boot that you will absolutely love wearing while pulling off your favorite tricks. It is a shoe that is going to benefit quick, nifty players that like to get plenty of touches and pull of tricks whenever they can. When you want to get your foot on the ball and get some toca-toca in, the overall performance is going to be very useful!

Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC
Image via Nike Inc

No. 4 - Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC

Weight: 7.2oz
Price: $75

What makes the Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC different is the honeycomb paneled upper that Nike employ. In similar fashion to the outdoor release, this technology provides a higher agility base and a clean touch for players who like to get on the ball and attack at pace. But what really makes these boots stand out is their low weight, hitting an ultra-lightweight 7.2oz. When it comes to striking shots, they feel like a power boot but the overall make-up of the shoe ensures you are competing with footwear that is based on speed and pace. Just think of these as the Neymar shoe of the indoor world, which should give you an inside track on who they are designed for!

Indoor Adidas Freefootball Speedtrick
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 3 - Adidas Freefootball SpeedKick

Weight: 8.8oz
Price: $77

When it comes down to it, the visual appearance and name of these shoes should be enough to explain what they are all about! The Adidas Freefootball SpeedKick offers players the ideal balance for using their skills in a high paced game. In other words, these shoes are ideal if you want to get on the ball and take opposing players on a wild ride. The upper is thin and the sole is extremely flexible, so they don’t fit the mold of a traditional indoor “game” shoe, or some of the more full bodies shoes on this list. But, the ability to perform at fast pace is a huge plus and that is what ensures these shoes suit and define certain players out there…just be wary of protection and the fact that the forefoot is pretty thin.

Futsal - Nike FC247 Elastico Finale II
Image via

No. 2 - Nike Elastico Finale II IN

Weight: 6.8oz
Price: $110

In their effort to improve the Elastico Finale, Nike found a way to drop the overall weight by 25% and these shoes sit as the lightest on our list. In fact, they are about as light as you can get in the indoor world and they provide players with a completely unique type of performance. On the upper, Nike uses one piece of their highly researched performance mesh that is fused with PU skins. Added to that is a bouble layer of NikeSkin around the toe for extra durability. The result is a boot that offers an excellent touch on the ball, while ensuring you have a balanced level of protection when needed. The soleaplate also takes on a fundamentally different structure and configuration, but the tightly positioned nibs provide excellent traction on indoor surfaces.

Futsal - Nike FC247 Lunar Gato II
Image via

No. 1 - Nike FC247 Lunar Gato II IN

Weight: 8.6oz
Price: $110

Not only is this shoe the top performer on the list, but Nike has created a great looking boot that epitomizes the high expectations of serious indoor players. They just look more natural and built in the fashion you would expect for indoor games. It is the high level of comfort in a well-balanced shoe that sets these apart from the market. Lunarlon is the product used in the sole, a soft yet resilient foam core encased within a supportive foam carrier for lightweight, ultra plush cushioning, springy response and support. On the upper, Nike uses soft goat leather that provides a quilted touch on the ball and a tasty strike zone. On the sides, Hyperfuse mesh panels provide support and extra breathability adding an extra level to the already advanced shoe. It is testament to Nike that they can produce continuous top performers in the range, with this release excelling the performance provided by the original version.