Safety, safety, safety.

It's the common theme we've been hearing in the NFL for the past few years, especially with the recent finding's about the long term problems associated with concussions. After year's of development, Wingo Sports Lab, designed a new chin strap that has already been adopted by some NFL teams including the Dolphins, Texans, and some of the Super Bowl Champion, Seahawks.

ArmorFlex Chin Straps were developed by industrial designer, Michael Princip,who took a piece of equipment with very little innovation over the years, and reimagined it. ArmorFlex is built off a corrugated piece of flexible plastic, sewn onto you traditional leather chinstrap that provides superior comfort, flexibility, and added protection that traditional chinstraps don't provide.

Wingo Sports Lab previously developed the Under Shield vest, a specially designed shoulder pad lining system that was recently adopted by NFL team's over the last few years.

One thing for sure, any piece of equipment that keeps players safe, will get the ultra nod of approval from Commissioner Goodell.


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