2013 is long gone at this point, but the stats from last year's sneaker sales are just rolling in. Sneakerologist and SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell shared his 2013 footwear review today and some of the numbers may or may not surprise you. For more insight on the sneaker industry, you can find Matt Powell on Twitter giving his takes on the business. Here were some of the key takeaways from his latest report:

Sales of Sport Footwear hit $22 billion at retail in the US in 2013, a new record.

Nearly all the growth in men’s footwear came from growth in shoes over $100.

Of the top 250 models for 2013, Nike had 128,  Jordan Brand had 40, and adidas had 14.  

Combined, Nike and Jordan controlled 92% of the U.S. basketball Market.

Socks were one the hottest stories for 2013, with sales up nearly 25 percent. Nike socks gained almost 40 percent.

Under Armour had the greatest growth in men's footwear for the year.

adidas did more than half of its US sales in casual shoes. 
 Asics has the number-two share in the running market.

Basketball was the strongest category of the year, as sales grew about 20 percent.