adidas Copa Mundial
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Without a doubt, there is one thing that comes into play before anything else when a pro or amateur player decides to pick-up a new pair of boots, and that is comfort! For any player, lasting 90 minutes is the goal, seeing through to the final minute. The correct pair of boots should be snug, they should fit in all the right places, remove stud pressure and protect your forefoot. There are plenty of choices on the market, and here we take a look at the highest ranking comfort boots currently available. Note that no one boot is going to compatible with all players, so this list represents the boots that receive highest ratings from player feedback.

These are the 10 Most Comfortable Boots Currently on the Market.

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Puma evoPOWER 1
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No. 10 – Puma evoPOWER 1

The evoPOWER is one of the newest boots released to market, but already they are a worthy addition to the top comfort boot list. It starts with a very futuristic soleplate, designed to flex with the natural bio-mechanics of your foot. What this essentially means is that it bends in an upward and a downward direction, and by downward I am talking about the motion of kicking the ball and allowing your foot and toes to flex past the natural soleplate bending point. We have never seen a company add this type of feature before, but when you couple it with the super soft synthetic upper that actually stretches laterally it makes for a very snug fit and feel in game.

Increasing comfort, especially when striking shots, is an under-layer of specially developed foam, called Accu-Foam. The squishy material combines with the flexibility and improved natural motion of the foot to produce a very clinical and effective connection with the ball.

Diadora Evoluzione 2
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No. 9 – Diadora Evoluzione 2

If you are looking for a classically inspired boot that features a very modern visual appearance, the Evoluzione 2 would be a top option. Factor in comfort, and they jump even higher on the list. What is so special about them? Well, you of course have the immediate positive comfort rating that accompanies any Diadora release. They are a company that owns a reputation for producing quality boots that graciously soothe and massage your feet through games and training session. Rumor has it they are known to throw in a serenade now and again also.

An extremely supple K-leather upper kicks it all off. It sort of melts in your fingers to the touch and when you put them on they mold with ease to your foot shape. The soleplate flexes with ease and is also comfortable from first wear. Overall, a very comfortable boot from first wear that players will be extremely satisfied to test out.

Under Armour Hydrastrike II
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No. 8 – UA Hydrastrike Pro II

Under Armour have a lot of experience creating shoes for most US sports, so their ability to create a comfortable soccer boot only makes sense. Their area of expertise comes via their ability to produce a boot that will keep players comfortable right through a 90 minute game. The Corespeed soleplate, which is designed to enhances the foot’s natural ability to accelerate from a planted position in any direction. has a strategically positioned bend across the forefoot region. It works really well and creates a flexible feel that makes the boot move naturally with your movements.

And as is the case with most UA releases, you again get to experience the absolutely fantastic UA 4D foam insert. Taking it out of the boot, it is thicker than a normal insert and offers a very spongy and responsive feel. For many, considering Under Armour boots might not be an option. But, when it comes to comfort with a wide fitting soleplate, these are a boot I have commonly recommended to players.

Adidas adiPure 11Pro

No. 7 – Adidas adiPure 11Pro

The adiPure silo has always been super comfortable and through each new release, it is the one area where we can rely on consistency. This time around on the adiPure 11Pro, Adidas made some pretty substantial modifications and they have actually played into mixed columns. As usual, they are a super snug boot that contains a lot of impactful padding. It basically hugs the foot in the right places and keeps the shoe close to your foot through all movements. The one negative that drops this boot down the list is the addition of a smooth inner lining. From first wear, you will probably notice or hear the squelch sound that you get when wearing a synthetic boot. Thankfully it does subside but it takes a few wears before you get the proper fit.

Visually, the adiPure 11Pro Samba is a boot set to grace pitches with confidence this summer in Brazil. But the addition of cross layered stitching on the forefoot has a lot more to do with performance than design. On the ball, it provides a padded feel and this makes them an ideal shoe for playing comfortable passes right across the pitch during 90 minute games.

Mizuno Morelia Neo
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No. 6 – Mizuno Morelia Neo

Mizuno finally granted us access to their boot collection in the US during 2013. It was a long anticipated move that brought smiles to a lot of boot enthusiasts. Along with the quality of their boots comes a very significant level of comfort. Top of the boots available in the US is the Mizuno Morelia Neo, a boot that is built with a very thin k-leather upper and a soleplate that distributes pressure in a fantastic manner. In play, there is also a very evident level of stability, particularly on FG and AG surfaces.

Another significant feature about the boot is the low profile of the upper, which sits very neatly across the forefoot. It ensures a clean and crisp feel on the ball, something that is particularly useful for pacey players that like to take players on. When it comes to heritage boots designed for wingers, they are one of the best options currently on the market.

Nike Premier

No. 5 – Nike Premier

What a treat Nike introduced us to this year in the extremely well pieced together Premier. After 2 years of extensive research, the Swoosh created a boot intended to compete with the extremely popular Adidas Copa Mundial. The end result is a true winner and you have to give credit to Nike for how effectively they marketed the range. There is a very simple nature about the boot, with a simple white soleplate added to a black premium leather upper. Nothing about the boot is flashy, but everything about it is modern. Traditionalists call it a delicacy that tingles the taste-buds, and that is what really matters considering they are the type of player the Premier is marketed to.

Are they as comfortable as the Copa Mundial'? The answer to that would actually be a solid yes. But, there is a long way for the boot to go and they need to prove their worth and durability properties. For players that have considered picking up a pair, they are well worth it considering their $100 price point.

Diadora Maracana
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No. 4 – Diadora Maracana

Ah yes, how could a comfort list exist without the inclusion of a Diadora shoe in the top 5? It actually couldn't. The Italian brand have an ability to consistently produce high quality, affordable, comfort shoes. From the first time you take them out of the box, they just feel right. The K-leather upper feels super soft and the soleplate offers plenty of flexibility – what more do you need? Considering they are priced well under $100, they are the best value for money option in many categories, including whats relevant to this list; comfort!

I'm not sure how much foresight Diadora had into the future, or if they were just playing the numbers game, but this should be a huge year for the Maracana - if Diadora plays their cards right. Is there a better name for a boot that can be marketed in the run-up to this summer's World Cup in Brazil? Other than #3 on this list, Diadora have a natural born leader that just needs some fresh attention.

adidas Copa Mundial
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No. 3 – Adidas Copa Mundial

For most players over the age of 30, the Adidas Copa Mundial will sit as one of their favorite boots of all time. When you ask them why, they will tell you it is because of the durability, reliability and comfort that they own. Since their introduction to the market, they have never been modified and they still come with the same K-leather upper, soleplate and 11.7oz weight. In fact, the colors had never been modified up until the Samba Copa Collection was recently released. Comfort wise, they are a dream and every pair offers the exact same set of characteristics; you wear them for a few weeks and let them mold to your foot shape - it is that easy!

The only reason the Copa doesn't sit in top spot is because of the introduction of a competitor and the fact that we were introduced to areas where the fabled range could be improved. It is difficult to contradict a classic boot that has been around since 1979, but they are now starting to fight a battle against more modern releases.

2013 Sneakers - Puma King

No. 2 – Puma King 2013

The King series has received plenty of criticism in recent years due to negative modifications Puma has added to the range. In truth, most of that criticism was pretty justified, and the same seemed to be true when the 2013 edition was released. In truth, that was my reaction until I had the opportunity to test them. And then it all changed!

Built with a premium leather upper, Puma has somehow found a way to produce a totally comfortable boot that hugs your foot through play and feels as comfortable as you would expect a top performing King to feel. Out of the box, they do need one or two run outs to get them loosened up, but the beauty is that they get better with play and have a very durable construction - designed to surpass a season of play.

Asics DS X-Fly Lite
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No. 1 – Asics DS Light X-Fly

When you are able to effectively mesh together a lightweight K-leather upper with a low profile boot designed for FG surfaces, you are already on to a winning formula. Given the fact that Asics are leaders in producing comfortable running shoes, it should come as no surprise that they have finally produced a super comfortable soccer shoe. The upper on these boots offers a fantastic feel and when you factor in the lightweight nature of the boot (at 7.2oz) they make for a very modern heritage boot.

But it is the soleplate and the effective weight distribution that moves these boots up another level. The X-Fly soleplate is made of a Solyte Polymer compound that offers a loose feel without taking away from stability. It is actually designed to even out pressure distribution equally through and this plays true since it is combined with low-profile conical studs. Since testing them, these are a boot that I have continually revisited primarily because I know how much they can be trusted!