There was a time in #menswear when the Stan Smith was heralded as the perfect sneaker, a shoe with history and a design that paired perfectly with flat front chinos and casual tweed blazers. Some dudes even thought they were nxt lvl by rocking them with suits a la JT. But once we realized what the extremely expansive world of sneakers had in store for us, from the supple baby calf leathers of Common Projects to the timeless steez of retro Jordans, Stan Smiths were quickly relegated to the back of our closets alongside our double monks and velvet slippers. Now, after being entirely off the market in 2013, Adidas is planning a sort of comeback for the Stan Smith and is poised to drop the iconic style in some fresh as well as classic colorways. The white leather versions, which release January 15, feature three different heel tab color options, including the OG green alongside red and navy blue. I'm not saying I would go out and buy these per se, but given that the re-release is crafted of nicer leathers and shit, I won't scoff at the idea of wearing rocking them once again. At this point, it really just comes down to how the sneaker looks with whatever pair of pants I happen to be wearing at the store when I'm trying them on. The suede versions drop in March.