Category: Soccer
Best for: Players with advanced technical ability and endurance
Star feature: Predator technology
Weight: 8.0 oz.

Running the gamut with the adidas Predator LZ.

It’s been a long time since I laced up and ran the pitch in adidas boots. The last pair I laced up was the Karnivor in 2001. So, when the new Predator LZ came out, I decided it was time to  revisit adidas and get reacquainted.

Aesthetically, the boot is flashier than most—the ray green/yellow colorway really pops. The predator(TM) technology offers an extra layer of texture, and also happens to be one of the most important design elements. Although the  predator(TM) technology covers a good portion of the boot’s surface, and you might be concerned about how it might affect your touch, the increased grip becomes more of a subtlety over time. The boot also features an asymmetrical lacing system, Traxion 2.0 stud configuration, and adidas miCoach technology that allows you to track your various movements during training sessions and games.

The boots felt good after lacing them up for the first time. The fit is snug, but there is ample room for ventilation and flexibility. Despite the pre-molded EVA sockliner, you might experience a bit of friction in the toe area when cutting and making sharp changes of pace, so you might want consider doubling up on socks to prevent blisters. But, for the most part, the boots fit true to size and break in quite nicely.

If you’re used to a more minimalistic boot, you might be thrown off by the first few touches on the ball. The predator(TM) technology grips the a ball in a way that can be perceived as bothersome, but after a few times out on the pitch you get a better feel for how the boot responds. For example, if the ball gets caught under your feet, the predator(TM) technology makes it a bit difficult to regain control. More often than not, however, the raised rubber grips help with receiving the ball and dribbling in tight quarters.

The asymmetrical laces provide for a much larger striking area than traditional boots. Whether you’re trying to shoot with power or precision, the Predator LZ works for a wide variety of finishers. The predator(TM) technology also provides that extra bit of back spin on long balls that require accuracy and touch.

From the first minute to the frantic moments of extra time, the adidas Predator LZ proves to be a versatile boot. Whether you control the flow of game from the midfield or need that instant boost of speed to beat the last defender, the Predator LZ built to perform in every soccer situation.

Bottom Line: The adidas Predator is the ideal boot for players who see a lot of the ball and dictate the run of play. It’s lightweight yet durable, and provides ample comfort and support for 90 minutes and beyond. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, you need the proper footwear, and the adidas Predator LZ is the perfect boot to show off your newly minted maestro status.

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