When it comes to celebrities with sneaker habits, comedians aren’t usually on the top of the list. So when thinking of Kevin Hart, many people don’t know is just how serious his kick game is. In between doing his hilarious stand-up routines and countless comedies on the big screen, including his newest film Ride Along, he’s built up a serious collection when it comes to sought after kicks. So does his collection get the nod from sneakerheads? Just flip through his Instagram to see for yourself.

He can rock Air Jordan Xs, while wearing a onesie.

Brands see him as an #influencer

Dress shoes to a club? He'd rather wear a pair of retros.

Or a pair of Jordan slides.

His friends are sneakerheads, too.

His #kicksonaplane game is top notch.

Foamposites are his vacation shoes of choice.

And so are Air Jordan XIs.

When it's time to work, he's always makes sure he's got on heat.

 He also has Nike Air Yeezys, and isn’t afraid to wear them.

He's also one of the few people with a legit pair of the Nike Air Yeezy II “Red Octobers......"


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