It seems like every game we experience a J.R. Smith moment. Whether it's taking the wrong shot at the wrong time or making a bone-headed mistake, Smith always finds a way to grab some kind of headline for the wrong reason. In the second quarter of New York's positive 92-80 road win over the Dallas Mavericks, Smith randomly chose to untie Mavericks forward Shawn Marion's shoes during a free-throw line break.

Marion ended up fixing his undone shoe on the next possession. Smith finished with seven points (on 3-for-8 shooting), seven rebounds and three assists, while Marion had two points (on 1-for-6 shooting) and four rebounds in 31 minutes. There is a remote possibility that Smith will be fined since this is a form of unsportsmanlike conduct, but we'll leave that to the NBA officials. The shoe that Smith was fiddling with was Marion's own Matrix PE of the Nike Hyperfuse 2013.

Shawn Marion

J.R. Smith

H/T CBS Sports & CJ Zero

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