As soon as it hit the market in 2012, it was clear that Nike’s Flyknit technology was a complete game changer. Offering a highly breathable feel with plenty of support, Flyknit took the minimalist concept to new heights. Composed of soft, pliable yarns and fibers that are strategically placed for structure, Nike Flyknit was a popular option for running and training shoes in 2012 and 2013. Now, it’s made its way to the basketball courts in the form of the Kobe 9 Elite, a model which sits atop many of the year’s most anticipated sneaker lists.

As great and innovative as Flyknit is, the lightweight, sock-like construction also means that it’s more delicate and susceptible to damage. When you’re cleaning your Flyknit sneakers, it’s important to take care of them with the proper method so that you don’t damage the fragile yarns. In just three easy steps, here’s how to clean Nike Flyknits.