Sneakerheads put so much effort into procuring the right sneakers that sometimes they forget that the right jeans matter too. This totally ruins their whole outfit, and, at that point, it doesn't even matter what sneakers they have on their feet—no one is going to pay attention. This misfortune has taken a life of its own on the Internet, and has people hash-tagging photos with #ntdenim—short for NikeTalk Denim. And 'heads have been slapping this label on sneakers that were ruined by the wearer's denim choice.

As unfortunate as this mismatching of sneakers and jeans is, it's hilarious, too. So, before you think about breaking out your jeans from high school, think again. You don't want this to happen to you, because here are 20 Awesome Sneakers Ruined by Awful Jeans

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