Album Release: 1989
Sneaker Release: 1987 

It's tough to show listeners what actually is behind the beats that everyone nods their heads to. Samples can be so chopped that beats sometimes don't connect to the original music they take from. Prince Paul's production on De La Soul's 1989 debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, was able to cut up the original breaks in a way that put people on to tracks from Otis Redding, Steely Dan, and even songs from Schoolhouse Rock. The idea of showing what's behind the scenes isn't only limited to music. Tinker Hatfield came up with the revolutionary idea of visible Air in 1987—after seeing the Paris museum Pompidou Centre's inside-out design, he came up with the Air Max 1. Both ideas, 3 Feet High and Rising and the Air Max 1, were misunderstood, too. Listeners liked to label De La Soul as "hip-hop hippies" because of their D.A.I.S.Y. imagery—it actually stands for Da Inner Sound Y'all—and Nike wasn't sold on the idea of the Air Max 1. Luckily, the album and the sneaker both received their proper praise.