Blogs are the medium that sneaker news circulates. Before them, people would have to dig deep into online forums or actually go to stores and interact with employees. What a frightening thought. Blogs have made everyone's lives easier, but the bloggers behind them, at times, remain a mystery.

Writers would like to fancy themselves as individuals, but sneaker bloggers are more alike than most would think. In fact, bloggers can be broken down into specific categories. Of course, there's the person whose sole focus is to get Air Jordans, and the guy who only digs hard-to-cop Euro-exlcusive running sneakers. But there are also other bloggers that fit into their nice, neat categories, too.

It's not a bad thing that people write about the same content--there are only so many sneakers to talk about, but it's also fun to have a self-aware view on the blogosphere. Here are The 10 Types of Sneaker Bloggers.

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