Hulk Hogan's fascination with Air Jordans came out of nowhere. Suddenly, Hulk was seen flexing multiple pairs of Air Jordans that hadn't been released yet. The sheer oddity of the situation had collectors and heads contemplating if they really dug sneakers or not, but then it was all fun and games when people agreed it was awesome that the Hulkster was into Js.

Still, where did his sudden itch for sneakers come from?

The first image of Hulk in Jordans came when he was wearing the Air Jordan XIIIs, and had a crowd of other Jordans laying around him.

Things got even more intense when Hulk was seen flexing his pythons with a pair of Air Jordan "3Lab5" Vs.
But the latest incident of Hulk with Jordans, himself with a pair of the Air Jordan "Gamma Blue" XIs, is what really had us wondering where his craze for sneakers was coming from. How was Hulk Hogan randomly chosen as the latest ambassador for sneaker nuts all over?
We found the culprit: Hulk's son, Nick Hogan, who you probably remember from their reality TV show, Hogan Knows Best, and is a legitimate sneaker fiend. 

But the younger Hogan just doesn't take corny sneakerhead photos, he also has heat. How about Heinekens on ice?

 Yup, he's got those. But that's not all, Nick Hogan also has Yeezy Is,  Jordans from a few years, Pink Box Nike SB heat, in form of the Shanghai Dunks, and one of this year's most hyped Air Jordan, the Toro IVs.

When Hulk posted the first picture of himself with the Jordans, Nick re-posted the image with this text:

"The bug has officially bit! Thanks @jumpman23and @fatjoe @machots!!! Dads a #sneakerheadnow!"

We can thank Fat Joe and Nick Hogan for getting the Hulkster, and all the Hulkamaniacs, into Js.

Like son, like father, right?