Earlier this month, The University of Oregon made the news when it suspended two men's basketball players for selling their PE sneakers. Now the university is doing the same thing, it's selling its Nike PE sneakers. The school, however, is selling a pair of the Nike Zoom Revis and a pair of Nike Zoom Hyperfuses for its athletic department's auction site, Oregon Authentic.

This isn't an NCAA violation for receiving improper benefits. It's considered fundraising for the athletic department, and no one is being suspended. Right now the Zoom Revis is at a price of $355 and the Hyperfuses have a starting bid of $199, which hasn't been met.

It's a loophole in the system which punishes the students and doesn't suspect foul play when a university commits the same action. Oregon isn't doing anything wrong. It's raising money to support its sports teams. There aren't any of the school's coveted Air Jordans on the auction site, but there are also football helmets, jerseys, and other sports-related memorabilia, which the university declares the items are:

All items are certified authentic by Oregon Athletics and are sold as collectible memorabilia. Gear and equipment is sold for decorative purposes only and should not be used in any other manner.

Fans are allowed to buy and wear the sneakers, but only if they're purchased from the school. If they want the good stuff, they're going to have to risk putting the players they root for in danger.