In a recent sit-down with SneakerWatch, Trinidad Jame$, who has shown little restraint of tongue as of late, made yet another bold statement, this time regarding Foamposites from Nike.

Trinidad himself is a well-known sneakerhead, dating back to before his recent surge to fame, and he has a strong opinion when it comes to how the sneaker game is today. In specifically speaking on Foams, the Atlanta rapper revealed, "I think they should be done with it. I think there's nothing more left to prove."

Trinidad then went on to say that there are, however, two Foams that he would still purchase — one being an NYC edition (ironic) and the other, an all-gold pair (go figure).

The Def Jam artist also dished on a fellow James' current sneaker, LBJ's LeBron XI,, expressing that Nike is overdoing it on the colorways, but he does like the overall silhouette of the new Bron Bron signature. "That shoe is the Jetsons for me. When you look back on that shoe ten years from now, what tennis shoe looks like that?"