adidas adiPure 11Pro

What an interesting year in soccer boots we had in 2013, from the top brands fighting it out for top bragging rights to new brands pitching their designs to the market. Technology and cutting edge concept boots lead the way, and there was no shortage of entertainment when it came to marketing new releases.

Without further ado, here is our list of the best new boots to hit the market in 2013.

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Warrior Skreamer
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 10 – Warrior Skreamer S-Lite

A newcomer to the market in 2013, Warrior introduced us to three silos in 2013. Out of the three, it was their initial release that made the best impression and performed most effectively for players. They invested plenty of time teasing the boot before they let it loose on the market and the gamble paid off. From day one there was huge interest in the boots performance and the players they used in the campaign all played a pivotal role in its success.

The Skreamer falls into the control boot bracket, with the aptly named ArrowHead Forefoot Vamp creating the boots unmistakable look. This is actually an angled PU injection mold that is intended to provide additional rebound as you strike the ball. It offers players a dominant edge, delivering killer power and ball control.

Diadora DD NA
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 9 –  Diadora DD NA

Diadora released a full range of new boots as part of their Fall collection, with the DD NA taking top spot as their best newcomer. This is a boot built on a speed premise, with a lightweight upper sitting on a soleplate of mixed diamond and conical shaped studs. At 6.4oz, they are the lightest boot Diadora has released to date.

Performance wise, they provide a great balance of natural touch on the ball and padding for shooting. In other words, any attacking style player will enjoy what they have to offer. Diadora specifically developed a synthetic upper, called SuprellPro3L, for this boot. What is most surprising about this boot is that they feel well supported and have received plenty of praise for their durability properties.

Nike Tiempo V
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 8 – Nike Tiempo V

Being that they are the newest boot to be released on this list (hitting the market in early December), the Tiempo is not as tested and thus we need time to really see what they have to offer. But, to date they have received plenty of applause and the advanced design has already been a hit with players. Being that they are a heritage boot, Nike worked on introducing an all-around lighter boot with cleaner touch on the ball.

The design brings back memories of the Ronaldinho series, with cross stitching on the forefoot providing a positive taste – especially since that forefoot is actually a K-leather. Further innovation comes in the Tiempo Legend V’s engineered soleplate, which Nike state will move with your foot for stability, traction and comfort.

UA Spine Blur III
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 7 – Under Armour Spine Blur Carbon III

When it comes to spaceage design, Under Armour seems to very well equipped to produce out of this world looking boots. Case in point is the Blur III that was released earlier this year. But once you get past the visuals, this is certainly a speed boot that is underrated and ready to accept any new players willing to test them out.

It starts when you open the box and see the shiny upper for the first them and then continues when you finally get to lace them up.  The microfiber upper UA employ is extremely thin and plays a pivotal role in the boots overall lightweight make-up, coming in at 6.3oz. Even so, it still has a more compact feel than you would expect and feel great for striking shots. This is not the best speed boot on the market, but it is a boot that sets a tremendously positive tone for UA –I expect even better to come in their next rendition!

Puma evoSPEED 1.2
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 6 – Puma evoSPEED 1.2

The list of players wearing the evoSPEED is heavily impressive, as is the reaction Puma received after the release of this latest edition. Sergio Aguero, Radamel Falcao and Olivier Giroud are just three of the World class goalscorers currently wearing them, giving you some indication of the type of player they have been designed for.

One area of the boot that needs some adjustment when you first wear them is the SpeedTrack. This is the spine or backbone of the boot, providing a uniform feel through wear and it adding some extra rebound as you look to react quickly and sprint in another direction. Adding in a monolayer microfiber upper with some light dimpled texture, this 7oz boot is designed to give speedy, attacking players who like to get on the ball and dribble an advantage.

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 5 – adidas Nitrocharge 1.0

In May, adidas introduced us to an entirely new type of performance shoe, the Nitrocharge. This is the first boot that caters specifically to the “Engine”, a player that Opta helped adidas define through extensive research, and if you are a box-to-box midfielder, this is a boot you should be testing!

There were a lot of additions to this boot that place it in a completely new category. From the addition of mesh through the heel to the inclusion of a new EnergyPulse soleplate, adidas really hones in on figuring out what the needs were of hard-working, grafting center mid. But without a doubt, the highlight is the yellow band that arches across the forefoot. ENERGYSLING is a rubber like compound that provides stability and energy through lateral movements. In other words, you get more energy rebound as you look to cut and chop. This is a top solid release from adidas that has received plenty of praise from professional players.

Adidas adiPure 11Pro
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 4 – adidas adiPure 11Pro

Rather than pushing the boundaries to highlight the new adiPure 11Pro, adidas left the work to eagle-eyed boot spotters tracking the Samba collection release. There are so many updates to this boot that fans have been left wondering why they didn’t receive their own promotional campaign.

adidas use Taurus leather through the upper, with the premium, ultra-soft and ultra-light leather providing a comfortable fit and natural feel on the ball. A new Comfort Frame has also been utilized - an all new outsole with comfort frame for better pressure distribution, and a smaller, more concentrated stud configuration. Everything about the boot, including the initial highlighted Blast Purple colorway, provides an air of initial excitement about next summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 3 – Nike Hypervenom Phantom

The boot that seems to have caught the most media attention is the Nike Hypervenom Phantom. When they were released, a large chunk of players jumped over from other brand (and Nike silos) to take on the new hybrid boot. They come with a Wow factor and have quickly been adapted as a top choice for attacking style players.

It is the honeycomb panel design that really gives them that unmistakable look. They are super soft and designed to stretch through wear, something that has pleased a lot of wide fitting players. This is the first time that Nike has used NikeSkin directly on a soccer cleat, and it offers a bold new level of in-game performance. It is the type of material that creates a barefoot type feel on the ball yet the material is think enough to be useful under tough tackles. The upper is comprised of a mesh underlay, a layer of skin over it and the final product is treated with ACC technology.

Nike Premier
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 2 – Nike Premier

This boot was one of the most long awaited and sought after of recent times. With adidas coveting the top heritage spot with the Copa Mundial, it never seemed like Nike would bite the bullet and create a competing version. But behind the scenes, they spent two years developing a boot intended to stand the test of time.

Everything about the Premier has been strategically formulated, from the buttery soft leather upper and bare-bones soleplate, to the extremely affordable price point. On feet and in game, they are a solid shoe that offers players a high level of comfort with high end performance. Plus, who could turn down that tradition black look with large white swoosh on the side! Expect to see these boots on the market for a while.

adidas adiZero F50
Image via SoccerCleats101

No. 1 – adidas adiZero F50

There have been numerous editions of the adiZero F50 released in recent years and with each update, adidas has found areas to modify the boot and improve performance. Without a doubt, the latest Samba version that was released in November is the best to date. When it comes to producing Speed boots, adidas is a leader in the market.

There is many advancements on this boot, highlighted by the inclusion of several new updates. These include: SpeedFoil around the heel, a new SpeedTraxion outsole and DribbleTex across the front of the boot for improved touch. The end result is a very comfortable and compatible boot that will accommodate players who value speed and acceleration in their game.

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