Affiliation: Obsessive Sneaker Disorder
Twitter: @OSDlive

"A Christmas time story is really a birthday story for me. See, my birthday is December 28 and the year was 2011. It was a big Birthday for me, my 40th. A couple of months prior to my bday, the 1986 Adidas Superstars (shell-toes) released to much fanfare. The day of their release, I was actually at a Hip-Hop Education Summit hosted by New York University, and considering the fact that there are only 1,986 pairs, I was certain that this was one release I'll have to deal with not owning. 1,986 pairs, all gone, and easily the dopest Adidas Superstar ever released. On my birthday, OSD's Creator Dee Wells came down to NY to help me celebrate my day. Shortly after walking in the door to his aunt's house (where he was staying for the trip), he walks up to me and hands me a crispy pair of 1986 adidas Superstars. I literally put them on right there and wore them all night while we were out. And mind you, I got home at 5am the next morning. I can't even remember what sneakers I originally had on prior to that moment when Dee handed me the shoes, and it's been 2 years since."