Affiliation: Pensole Footwear Design Academy
Twitter: @Pensole_Academy

"My Christmas story was back in 1986. I was playing basketball for Inglewood High and we were in a Christmas tournament. It was the first tournament of the season and of course everyone wants to have fresh (we used the word fresh back then) kicks to ball in. I knew on the 1st day of the tournament the new Magic Johnson Converse Weapons were going to come out so I saved my money up so I could get them, but I was worried they would sell out before I got out of school so I asked my sister to go to Foot Locker to get them and deliver them to me before the game. Back then, we only had beepers so I told her to page me when she was out front so I could run out and get them. She came through 10 minutes before the game and I got my kicks. The crazy thing is our school colors are Green and White which are the same colors as Larry Bird's Weapons but being a Laker fan you can't be caught dead in anything Celtics, so I was rockin my gold and purple Weapons with my green and white Inglewood High uniform. I unfortunately did not play like Magic but, EVERYBODY was jock'n my kicks. From that day forward I had to keep my sneaker game ahead of everyone else."