Affiliation: Finish Line
Twitter: @MrBrando3

"Christmas of '95 I was 12, and just getting into sneakers thanks to Penny Hardaway and the Nike Air Up and Flight Ones he rocked before getting an official Nike signature series. Once I caught a look at the Penny Is in an Eastbay catalogue I circled those joints and stuck the mag in my mom's purse. Nothing happened at first so when the holiday catalogue came out I tried talking a slick game about all the chores I would do if that was my lone Christmas gift. Sure enough on Christmas Day I ripped open a box that contained the original Orlando colorway along with a black Champion Penny Hardaway jersey. I threw them on and played out in the driveway like it was an 80-degree day. At 30 years old, I still get pretty geeked over a pair of nostalgic sneakers from the 90s like Pennys and Iversons."