Tonight, the Brooklyn Nets will host the Los Angeles Clippers from Barclays Center. After an impressive debut season last year, the Nets have hit a rough spot to kick off 2013-14. Going into tonight's game, Brooklyn stands at 7-14, while the Clippers have been much more successful at 15-8.

Led by Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, LAC has a deep roster that includes other big-time contributors like Jamal Crawford. Meanwhile, Brooklyn's struggles this season are due in part to their aging roster. They've got huge names like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but neither of them are quite as effective as they were in their prime.

Coincidentally, CP3 faced off against Paul Pierce and Garnett on this day 5 years ago. It was December 12, 2008, and Chris Paul was leading the New Orleans Hornets, while Pierce and Garnett had helped to revitalize the Celtics. On this night, Pierce, Garnett, and their Boston teammates would rally to a 94-82 victory. Paul Pierce was especially efficient, dropping 28 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds on Chris Paul and the Hornets. Will Paul Pierce be able to put up these sorts of numbers tonight? Find out at 8 PM.

During this big win and much of the '08-09 season, Paul Pierce wore his signature Nike P2 V. Much like Pierce's other signature models, this mid-cut style was only released to the public in kids sizes. Unfortunately, the majority of players never had a chance to try out the P2 V.

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