Over the last decade, the New York Knicks went from a below .500 team to a legitimate playoff contender. Last year, their 54-28 record was good enough for first in the Atlantic Division. However, this year, something just seems to be off with the New York roster. Currently, they’re 5-14, sitting at the bottom slot in their division. They’ve had some downright awful performances, and they’re not looking anything like the team who dominated the east last year. Can they bounce back tonight as they meet Cleveland on the road?

Often times, when a team struggles, the star takes the majority of the blame. Carmelo Anthony is currently averaging 25.2 points and 9.7 rebounds per game though, so it’s hard to say Melo is at fault for New York’s slippery decline. In fact, the Knicks’ win percentage has improved since Carmelo Anthony came in from Denver in 2011.

On December 10, 2009, Melo was still a member of the Nuggets as they traveled to Detroit. The Pistons would end up pulling out a narrow two-point victory, but not before Melo lit it up offensively. Anthony had 40 points, which was one of 7 times in the 2009-10 season he was able to reach 40 or more. To get it done, Carmelo Anthony was in the Jordan Melo M6, his seventh official signature model with the brand. Jordan Brand has recently been digging into their Melo archives with the reintroduction of the Jordan Melo 1.5, so don’t be shocked if the M6 makes a return eventually.

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