Team USA is going to look good this year on the podium at Sochi this year thanks to Nike's Winter Collection.

Including the Nike Aeroloft 800 Summit jacket, Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB and Nike Tech Fleece collection, it looks like Nike went in the completely opposite direction of Burton's point of inspiration. As the official outfitter of the Team USA Snowboarding team, Burton opted for an Americana-drenched patchwork quilt theme that completely contrasts the sleek, explorative look of the Nike team podium look.

Scroll through below to see Nike's full Winter Collection and check out now for training and village apparel.
Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_14 copy
Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_12 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_10 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_9 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_8 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_7 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_6 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_5 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_4 copy

Nike_Team_USA_Winter_Collection_2 copy







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