With Kobe Bryant now returning to a high-top silhouette—scratch that, a high high-top silhouette—one of the questions is how the Nike Kobe 9 will look on the street.

Having sported low-top basketball sneakers for the last several years, this return to a heightened build came as somewhat of a shock. Supposedly having no correlation to Kobe's recent Achilles injury, the shoe looks like a hybrid between a boxing boot and hoops model. Accounting for the first-ever Flyknit basketball shoe, there are some clear points of intrigue when it comes to the Kobe 9. And while you'll probably be more apt to rock these while actually balling, how about for casual wear?

Above we get an on-foot look at the new Kobe signature being rocked with jeans. Yeah, this one may be a little tough to pull off. Nonetheless, hit us with your thoughts on if you'd be down to wear them away from the court.

[via Hupu]

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