Dearest adidas,

When I first tried the Energy Boost (about 10 months ago now) I wasn't too impressed. The look was cool, but the shoe itself was far too long for my size 9 feet. But since you've sorted out that problem and supplied me with not only the proper pair of the adidas Energy Boost in "Electric" but the Boost version of the Supernova Glide. I packed the latter in my bag as I headed off to Vegas for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon.

This would be my first time running more than three miles in the shoes, which left me a bit apprehensive but I figured that any injuries that happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas and put it out of my mind. The perfect shoe for traveling thanks to its versatile look and supportive feel, I wore the shoes for three (more touristy than I'd like to admit) days of exploring the Strip and surrounding desert, getting lost in Planet Hollywood and waiting in lines to board planes. A bit more cushioned underfoot than my usual daytime casual kicks, I got used to the "bounce" factor along with the extra layer of foam that added a few extra millimeters to my height.

Come race day, the Boosts were well broken in and ready. Having gone all-out "Vegas" during the day in adidas slides (the Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll doesn't start until 4:30pm) I stepped into my orange tagged Glides and headed for the Strip.


At the start line it's easy to feel a bit understated among the bedazzled, blinking, tutu and mohawk-adorned crowd, but since I opted for the "I'm from New York, get outta my way" look (black-on-black-on-black) I was glad my fellow runners have given a forethought to visibility for the nighttime race about to kick off in the Nevada desert.


It wasn't until Mile 6 that I thought about my shoes again. This race can be best described by contrast, as the course ranges from the sensory overload zone that is Las Vegas Boulevard to the pitch black stretches of road that circle around the city. It was on one of these stretches that I noticed some roadkill and thought perhaps I should have attached some blinking accessories to my shoestrings after all.

"...I figured that any injuries that happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas."

The Glides handles quick cuts and turns very well for a forward trajectory shoe, staying true to its name over the sticky patches of Powerade and enduring the 13.1 miles without feeling stuffy. As a neutral runner with a good amount of experience with this distance, the only negative response for the shoe was the lack of "bounce" felt once mile 9 or 10 had passed. When you first slip into a Boost shoe, you feel a spring in your step thanks to the expanded TPU composition used in the midsole. While we'd all like that "new car smell" to last, after logging enough miles you're bound to become accustomed to the feel.


Thanks to the entertaining route (hats off to Rock'n'Roll for logistically being able to reserve this route) and the company of some new found friends, I finished in two hours and twelve minutes. Not the fastest half in my running career, but stopping to take pictures of the landmarks was well worth it.


Would I do the Vegas RnR again? Yes. Would I run another half in the adidas Supernova Glide Boost? Hell yeah. Find them now at adidas Running for $130 and find out more about the Rock'n'Roll Marathon Series here.

Calvy Click is the Editor-in-Chief of Sneaker Report. When she isn’t writing about performance footwear and apparel, you can find her running around Manhattan to Rick Ross anthems. Keep up if you can on Instagram or Twitter

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