This year, Sneaker Report has witness an exciting amount of activewear launches from companies large and small. Cory Vines launched this past summer, revealing a simple and wearable approach to performance basics. We caught up with founder and CEO Daniel Lieberman to discuss the new brand and how to kick off 2014 properly.
What inspired you to launch Cory Vines?
I had been trying to find simple, beautiful, high-quality workout clothes that didn't put a dent in my wallet. When the frustration became insurmountable, I left my desk job to focus 100% of my attention to creating activewear that aligned with the ideals of today's tech-centric, digitally-connected Gen-Y consumer. By 2013, Cory Vines was underway.
What can we expect for the brand in 2014?
We will be focusing on organically growing our community and consumer-base, working on product development and taking on brick & mortar retail in a disruptive fashion.
Any plans to come to brick and mortar?
At the moment, we're an online-only brand, we are currently in early stage discussions to bring Cory Vines to brick and mortar in a non-traditional way.
In your opinion, where does Cory Vines fit in the current activewear marketplace?
Our customers have come to respect (and expect) accessibility. For us, this means continuing to produce the highest quality activewear pieces at affordable prices. We also put an emphasis on versatile fabrics and creating activewear to take you to the gym and beyond.
What are 5 simple steps to kicking off 2014 right?

  • Hit the gym early: It's a great way to gain perspective on busy days
  • Follow the buddy system: Have a friend, family member or significant other hold you accountable to your workout routine by encouraging them to join you during workouts
  • Switch things up: If you find your routine is getting old and tired, try switching things up with something more unconventional, like a spin or yoga class
  • Look good, feel great: Dressing the part is half the battle. It's easy to feel sluggish if you're sporting your old alma matter tee; invest in great workout clothes and you'll feel the difference
  • Strength in Numbers: For some people, attending a group class provides motivation. Find out what works for you and put it in your schedule.

Check out Cory Vines online and stay tuned for brand updates.

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