New Jersey's St. Anthony High School may be lacking proper funding and sufficient athletic facilities, but one thing the inner-city-school-turned-basketball-powerhouse isn't lacking are brand new basketball sneakers courtesy of Reebok.

In the mid-90, Reebok forged an unlikely partnership with the St. Anthony basketball program with help from long-time Friars coach Bob Hurley, and since then has provided the team with new sneakers for 17 seasons and counting.

“It’s a very special relationship that we’ve had over the years,” said Brian Lee, Global Director of Reebok Basketball. “From a basketball perspective, being associated with the best high school coach in the country and one of the top high school programs every year only adds credibility to Reebok Basketball.”

This season, St. Anthony will go for a remarkable 28th state title, and it will do so in one of the newest additions to Reebok's revamped basketball sneaker collection--the Q96. The school will be only one of three in the country to wear the Q96 this year, and it won't be just a shoe hook-up that St. Anthony receives from Reebok. Along with the team-inspired Maroon/Gold sneakers, Reebok has outfitted the team with warm-ups and practice jerseys.

Head over to Complex to get the complete story on the unique Reebok x St. Anthony partnership.

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