With the popularity of performance tracking devices at an all-time high, it should come as no surprise that consumer electronics brands are venturing into the sports tech market with their own pieces of high-tech gear. The latest brand to do so is Archos—a specialty brand that’s offers portable audio and video devices, including tablets and smartphones.

In 2014, Archos will target athletes with a stylish Activity Tracker that monitors such things as daily footsteps walked, calories burned and automatically displays thime when synchronized with a smartphone.

The Archos Activity Tracker is an entry-level performance-tracking device that lacks key high-end features like Bluetooth connectivity and a heart rate monitor, but should serve as a solid option for the avid athlete who’s looking to keep tabs on just the basics.

In addition to the Activity Tracker, the Archos Connected Scale will also hit the retail market in 2014. The tech-heavy scale can recognize up to four different users and measures things like body shape based on mass and height, tracks body mass and is equipped with an onboard memory unit to prevent data loss between synchronizations.

The Archos Connected Self App will serve as the backbone application for both the Activity Tracker and Connected Scale, as well as all other future Archos products. The brand also has a collection of smartwatches lined up for next year.


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