Heads are used to lining up at their local mall or boutique to pick up the hottest sneakers, but those who dig a little deeper are tempted by sneakers they have to jump through hoops to get. That's because they're not sold in the U.S. Sneaker boutiques have become more global. Rare sneakers are now found at a connected network of like-minded stores that all sell the same limited releases. But some sneakers don't get that treatment, and there are many reasons for it.

Some sneakers are designed by shops without big-time connections, while others are intended to be exclusive to a certain city. And some sneakers just aren't shown U.S. love, and it's a shame. It doesn't make people want the sneakers less. It creates an allure that's unobtainable, and devoted collectors will pay proxy and international shipping fees just to satisfy their fix. It's also great to see an international perspective of sneaker culture. Not all cities and countries have the same view and vision for classic silhouettes, and it's refreshing. Here are 15 Great 2013 Sneakers You Couldn't Get Because They Were Sold Overseas.

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