Happy Friday the 13th.

On a day like today, all sorts of freaky and frightening things can happen—even on the footwear front to sneakerheads. Back in October, we took a look at some of the more haunting kicks that have been released, today we've chosen to hone in on a few things even more terrifying.

Most sneakerheads would rather have a run-in with Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees than experience these torturous occurrences that can happen to you and your sneakers. It's not just toe-scuffs and lace-rips—these 10 things will make a footwear fiend want to sell their kicks, tuck it in, and start rocking Crocs. So take a deep breath, grab a friend, and proceed with caution: Here are The 10 Scariest Things That Could Happen to a Sneakerhead.

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