All-red sneakers became an undeniable trend in 2013, and it took off because there were so many great releases with sneakers splashed completely (or almost) in this fiery shade. It's hard to track exactly where this trend came from, but all-red sneakers have been bubbling in high fashion for quite some time, and they finally transferred over to the average sneaker enthusiast.

Kanye was seen wearing all-red sneakers for a good portion of the year. Between his Nike Air Yeezy II "Red Octobers" and an all-red pair of Air Max 90s, his feet were dripped in monochromatic flames. But other brands got in on the trend, too. ASICS released a pair of GT-IIs with a red upper thanks to some folks down in Australia, and even Reebok and New Balance released literal heat.

To be fair, when we say "all-red sneakers," the sneakers don't have to be 100-percent red. Accent colors such as white midsoles or hits of black or grey still constitute an "all-red sneaker," as long as the upper is predominately red. With that said, here are The 10 Best All-Red Sneakers of 2013.

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