Much like diapers and pureed food, Velcro sneakers are often thought of as something meant for either the very young or very old. After all, once a person is able to tie their shoes, it's something they should be able to do for nearly their entire life. Moving to Velcro closures is like giving up—may as well just trade in that FuelBand for a Life Alert bracelet, too.

That, at least, is the traditional thought. And it's oh so wrong. There is something liberating about Velcro closures—they never come undone, and provide a snugger fit than a slip-on can provide. And in some (not all) cases, they even look pretty damn good. We are not suggesting you move on to an entirely lace-free existence, but in the interests of experimentation, we present Velcro Sneakers You Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Wear.

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