While many of you sneakerheads are still trying to wrap your heads around Ushers pair of "Gold" Air Jordan IIIs, it looks as if the singer is indeed in possesion of yet another pair of metal-inspired kicks. For his latetst preview, Usher went ahead and posted a teaser pic of his "Silver" Air Jordan IXs to his instagram. Much like the previously mentioned gold kicks, these AJIXs appear to have its entire silhouette covered in silver. 

With these two latest sightings, we think it's safe to assume that there is indeed some sort of special relationship between Usher and Jordan Brand. We know that the Jordan Brand family has grown substantially since the beginning of the new NBA season, but could there indeed be a team that we don't know about? Seeing as how Justin Timberlake has been making his rounds in his exclusive Air Jordans, could he and Usher be the leaders of new collaborative frontier for JB? 

At this particular junction, no one besides Usher really knows what the facts and specifics are. Since it doesn't look like he plans on laying out any confessions any time soon, we have no choice but to keep our eyes glued to his IG page to see what pops up next. 

[Via howuseeit]

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